We would like to personally thank you for your interest in Anchorage Cleaning Services. The entire staff at Anchorage Cleaning Services is committed to providing the very best service possible. We look forward to the opportunity of delivering an excellence service and allow you to experience first- hand the benefits of choosing Anchorage Cleaning Services. It is our goal to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them!

Anchorage Cleaning Services

Our Services


This is best for residential and commercial cleaning. For people who needs cleaning done the way you want!

We adhere that all safety standards are met for your health. Instead of just cleaning and dusting the place, we strive to make it a healthier environment for your family or employees well-being. Thus, during our cleaning procedures we pay great attention to your needs, but also to the details that make quality cleaning a science, rather than just a needed activity. Our mission is to clean for health, no matter if we are called to do residential cleaning procedures or commercial cleaning jobs.

In accomplishing our aim we stay true to our vision of green cleaning, promoting only sustainable practices at affordable prices. We use only biodegradable products that are environmentally friendly and do not jeopardize the safety of your loved ones and or your employees. On the contrary, we want to raise awareness of how most cleaning products release harmful chemicals into your house and then reach the air or water system and create secondary damages to our planet. Cleaning for health also means that we do things differently when we do our cleaning job. Our high-quality services focus on offering you the best customer experience, while also preventing future illnesses that might appear if previous cleanings were poor and superficial. We work hard to minimize the need of using any chemical substances that could harm your family on-long term and, not to mention, the ozone layer and nature. When you retain our cleaning services, you want the job to be done fast, efficient and in a professional way. This is why we use microfiber cloths to retain dirt and remove it, rather than spreading it over other surfaces.


This is best for young couples and executives who simply have no time for house-keeping!

No other residential cleaning service customizes their cleaning routine to the extent that we do. We do more than provide expert, regular cleaning, on time and at a fair from regular recurring cleaning, monthly basis, weekly basis, bi-weekly, one-time cleaning, occasional cleaning and deep cleaning.

We will identify your preferences and priorities for a clean home. We ask for your feedback to ensure we are paying attention to what's important to you. We communicate with you! We think communication is essential to a good experience. In addition to your specific requests, we follow a detailed list of cleaning actions to make sure our housecleaning is the most thorough available, environmentally safe for you, your family and love ones.

We use color coded microfiber technology assuring the avoidance of cross contamination. Our cleaning agent is a citrus based, commercial green cleaning product that works great and leaves only a light citrus scent behind. If you have specific products you prefer, just leave them out and we will gladly use them.


This is best for areas of your home or office that really need extra attention that have been neglected all winter long. This will get rid of clutter that you do not need.

This is our most requested cleaning service during spring. Anchorage Cleaning Services will hand wash and wipe virtually every available surface in your home, creating a healthier environment. Our comprehensive cleaning system covers every detail, with special focus on kitchens and bathrooms, floors and dusting with attention to cleaning hard to reach surfaces.

We are committed to using green cleaning products that are healthier for you, to the people around you and are environmentally safe.


This is for offices and households that just went through a renovation. We remove dust and dirt from furniture to household belongings.

When construction or renovation activities have been undertaken, a lot of dust is left behind. If hidden or low-accessibility areas are left undusted, severe health hazards might arise and affect people in the area. Besides removing all construction signs, we will erase window fingerprints, polish all surfaces, sterilize the area, vacuum, wipe and clean every inch. We are aware of each surface’s particularity and know exactly what kind of tools to use in order to protect your newly renovated space.

In keeping our green cleaning and sustainable practices philosophy, we accomplish our mission by using only approved and earth-friendly solutions and products that are guaranteed to leave no toxic trails or damage to the air. We pick them carefully after identifying the nature of the materials you have used to build your new structures and the extent of the dirt we must remove.


This is for newly build office or household. We prepare your new property by cleaning all the dirt and residue left behind from the construction process.

Besides removing all construction signs, we will erase window fingerprints, polish all surfaces, sterilize the area, vacuum, wipe and clean every inch. We are aware of each surface’s particularity and know exactly what kind of tools to use in order to protect your newly built space.

We contract with some of the finest contractors in our area. Our goal is to remove all evidence of construction, i.e. plaster, stucco, paint, and dust. Every surface is gone over to make sure it is absolutely clean and ready to be occupied. The price ranges from $0.25 to $0.55 per square foot.


This is for extracting dirt from deep within the tile and the pores of your grout, we will analyze the amount of soil in the grout lines and then we will clean the best approach.

Tile will be thoroughly clean and degreased. Acidic cleaners are used when necessary. Sealing of grout is important every few years depending on usage and wear. We use only the best products available. This procedure is important in reducing mold, mildew; hard water deposits and soil build up. This service could include; showers, counters and floors.


This is for cleaning and preparing your office or household for hosting an event or for any special event to welcome your guest with a clean, fresh smell tidy place.

Getting ready for a special event can be stressful. Whether you’re planning a party, corporate event or a wedding, you want every detail to be just right. Having your home or event space clean and organized is an essential element to hosting a successful event. Don’t spend your valuable planning time worrying about cleaning – let Anchorage Cleaning Services deliver a level of clean that your guests will notice.

Anchorage Cleaning Services provide special event cleaning services and can customize a cleaning service and schedule for nearly any life event. One of our favorites is our Bringing Home Baby cleaning, which includes a very thorough deep clean of your entire home, with special attention paid to your nursery room or areas.

That is just one example of the special event cleanings we provide. Here are a few more examples.

  • Party Prep
  • Post Party Cleaning
  • Bringing Home Baby
  • One Time Deep Cleans
  • Move In/Out Cleanings
  • Special Occasion Cleaning
  • Wedding Cleanings
  • Holiday Cleaning
  • And Much More

Special event cleaning service includes:

  • Vacuum and mop floors, especially if furniture has been moved to make room
  • Hand wipe baseboards, doors and door frames
  • General dusting
  • Clean and shine sink, mirrors, vanity and chrome fixtures
  • Thoroughly clean toilets
  • Hand wipe furniture, vacuum upholstered furniture surfaces
  • Spot clean walls and fingerprints


This is best for offices or commercial cleaning. This will give your employees a healthier working environment for their well-being and to make their working environment ideal and inspiring.

For your employees, we have come up with the unique approach of “cleaning for health”. You don’t want people working for you in an environment that harms them and affects their productivity. Whenever we are called for a job, the most important thing we focus on beyond cleaning is improving the quality of that place and leaving no unwanted consequences behind.

Your clients need to be welcomed in a business location that reflects the kind of partner you are: attentive to details, serious and trustworthy. Therefore, the cleanliness of the premise you work in speaks for itself. This is why we also focus on details and your specific needs to be able to provide only exceptionally cleaning services for your office and commercial location.

Using only the latest products and technologies that are all approved by environmental organizations and following our green cleaning protocol, we promise not to leave the site until we have it sparkle. No matter the type of business you run, we have the proper solutions to fit your needs and budget for a high level of cleanliness.

We clean your office like we clean your home - with every attention to detail. We sanitize your phone and drawer pulls, microfiber your computer screens, sanitize your kitchen, bathroom(s) and take out your garbage/recycling. The focus of this work is to keep your work environment clean, organized and functional.


This is best for rental makeover. It is good for cleaning the place before handling over the unit or before a potential client checks your rental place or your property that you want to sell. We work with many apartment complexes, Realtors, and property management companies. They call on our services when their occupants don’t have time to do the cleaning as they move out or want their new home cleaned and sanitized before they move in. Give them the irresistible first impression.

This is good time to clean for preparing for new rental client to move in or for sale preparation for client that are selling their home. A clean, well taken care of home always presents well to a potential buyer. We oil wood and cabinets as needed, make sure all the chrome and glass sparkles, and cleans the trim (doors, jambs, window sills, and other surfaces that need attention. We can, if you wish, make suggestions on rearranging and eliminating things to show your home at its best.

When you have to move out of your home, packing and transporting all your stuff is a challenging and overwhelming task as it is. Why add any more to that by facing the unpleasant duty of cleaning before handing in the key? Anchorage Cleaning services will help you clean the place and make it as shiny as the day your first moved in. In addition, by choosing to hire a professional team to polish, dust, vacuum and clean your apartment, office, or home, you make sure you get your whole security deposit back and that the place is spotless when you leave. Why risk when you can have it shine at such a small price?

Our special move in/move out cleaning services will help you in those stressful moments and give you the opportunity to spend your limited time in a more useful way. While we completely clean and freshen up your home, take time to solve other important things and leave the spots, dust and dirt to us. We will transform your place into a sparkling one!


This is for detailed cleaning. This is good for cleaning those neglected surfaces and areas of your home that needs special attention. This will surely make your home or office sparkling clean and beautiful.

Top to Bottom Clean or a “catch up” for areas where it has been neglected, we begin the routine cleaning of your home/office, there are a variety of first time tasks that require extra time and effort. There is a big difference between “old” dirt and “new” dirt. If we don’t get rid of the old dirt, removing new dirt isn’t going to make your space sparkle. It’s not uncommon for us to spend three or four times longer on a first cleaning than it takes us on a regular maintenance visit. Perhaps no one has vacuumed behind or beneath your couch for a while (we move what we can.) Windowsills, stove tops and hoods, baseboards and doors are prime candidates for long periods of neglect. Kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances usually require extra attention on our first visit. If we don’t spend the time and effort to get the shower doors, tracks, stall, walls, bathtub, fixtures and floors thoroughly cleaned, they just won’t look really clean no matter how often we visit. We make every effort to do the best job possible for you. If you have things picked up and put away we are better able to do the “dirty work.” Getting things up off the floor really helps - often putting clutter in a container is the perfect solution. If you just can’t get things organized before we come, no problem, just know we will clean what we can get to. Other clients that takes vacation they leave their house to us for deep cleaning, it is a perfect time for us to thoroughly clean your home while you are out of town is often a good time for larger cleaning projects such as spring cleaning or major organizational tasks like the play room or your kitchen.

Rest assured that we will leave your office or house sparkling clean and smelling fresh. We believe that a clean home or office will inspire happiness that brings more productivity and creativity. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our level of service! Our clients know they can count on us for honesty, reliability, quality and a personal approach to cleaning service.